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Private Hire (VTC) is above all a taxi alternative. Your driver takes you with poise and elegance aboard a top-of-the-range vehicle. Luxury and comfort are key. The pricing of the trip is fixed at a single price, so no more surprises: you pay the price announced when you book, whatever the traffic conditions. Your driver is a trained professional and is subject to strict regulations. He has insurance and a professional card and driving you is his profession!

La Comète is the gold standard of Private Hire in the Haut-Var region. Within our company you will find professional, friendly and courteous drivers who will make your journey as pleasant as it can be.
With a simple phone call, get a driver for the night, the day or any public holiday in the Verdon area and all the surrounding municipalities. Whether you are traveling for a few kilometers or several hundred, our services cover all distances and will lead you with serenity to your destination, whatever it may be.

Fixed rate for all vehicles
No handling fees, no baggage fee, no waiting or traffic jam fees, no tolls, …

Haut-Var – Fréjus – Sainte-Maxime

Take a look at the 4 key strengths of La Comète


Save time!
Prices don’t change!

Schedule your trips

Book your transfer when you choose your accommodation. Make your life easier and save time. Your driver will meet you at the station exit or at the airport and will take you to your holiday location. As an option, La Comète also offers to provision a car for the duration of your stay

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